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Registration Instructions: Packages/Bundles

Intermediate, Senior and Elite have High Performance Packages as usual this Fall season. You will see a program called "High Performance Package" for your level in Uplifter. Please choose this one package and it will automatically include all programs listed on your level's training package list.

A new alternative this year is called "Daily Bundles" and offers a discount over a la carte pricing when registering in certain combinations of programs. Register in the qualifying programs and you will receive the discount when you go through the checkout system.

About Memberships 

  • All skaters at our club must be registered as a member of Skate Canada.
  • Skaters wishing to register for Learn to Skate, Power Skating, Open Figure Skating and Adult Skating may register any time. If you are not already a Skate Canada member, you will automatically be registered with Skate Canada.
  • Skaters that have already registered with Skate Canada through another club might see the membership fee on their invoice, but that will be removed once their Skate Canada membership is confirmed. This will not switch the skater's home club.
  • Figure Skaters registered at another club that wish to switch to our club should contact us to find out how to transfer.  The following programs will require an audition or assignment of a managing coach. Please contact us before registering in these programs if you are not a Coquitlam SC member:
    • Rising Stars Academy
    • Starskate Academy
    • Junior
    • Intermediate
    • Senior
    • Elite
  • Skaters not registered in programs but still buying on to sessions must still purchase a membership. Instructions for Purchasing Membership Only

First Time Registering?

  1. To begin, click the REGISTER NOW button above. You will be taken to the registration portal.  Then click the LOGIN button on the top right corner of the page and create your Family Account.
  2. Once you have created your Family Account, click on Registration in the menu bar at the top of the page. You will then be taken to our programs.
  3. From the Programs Page, simply select the program you wish to register for. They can be viewed in the list, or in our Calendar view.
  4. When you are done choosing your programs, confirm and checkout. You will be able to make a secure payment online with Visa or Mastercard.

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