Yolanda Leggiadro

Office Manager

Yolanda is well experienced and familiar with hockey, ringette and lacrosse, having managed her son's teams for six years while volunteering as the tournament director and coordinator for the local hockey association. Yolanda keeps the office running smoothly and is always available to the members for assistance. She is passionate about figure skating and encourages positivity, fun and safety with a welcoming and friendly face. Her expertise brings a committed professional and collegial team environment for all members and our coaching team.

Heather Austman
Senior Coach

A passion for working with children and seeing them progress, keeps Heather, an organized, reliable and hardworking skating coach for more than 35 years, motivated. Her goal is to instill a love of figure skating in her skaters, just as her coaches did when she first put on figure skates at the age of five years. Heather is a former Canadian Novice Ladies Champion, Canadian Junior Ladies Silver Medalist, and BC Section Senior Ladies Champion. She has completed her Gold Figure, Gold Freeskate and Gold Dance levels in Canada and the US. Heather has coached International competitors, developed skaters from the beginning to the Senior levels, National medalists and champion, National level competitors, as well as Provincial and Regional champions. Heather is NCCP Level III certified, working on level IV. In her spare time, Heather likes training for her next marathon.

Kelly Champagne
Senior Coach

Kelly is a driven coach, highly energetic and focussed. She enjoys working with all levels of skaters and finds it rewarding when she helps a skater master something they have worked so hard on. Kelly is a double gold medalist and level 3 (partial 4) certified, level 2 in Pairs and in Dance. She also has her Pre Power certification. Kelly has 29 years of coaching experience, and she has taught numerous BC Provincials, Western Canadian and Canadian Champions and medalist, Nationals Champions for Hong Kong, Finland and Singapore, an International medalist, Junior World competitors and World competitor. Kelly is bilingual in French and English, and in her spare time, Kelly plays tennis league and competes in tournaments.

Bruno Delmaestro
Senior Coach

A competitive, driven person as well as passionate about skating and seeing skaters reach their potential through hard work, Bruno takes a great deal of pride as a coach and mentor to children for more than 32 years. Figure skating, and playing hockey since he was 9 years, Bruno is a former three-time Italian Senior Men's Champion, International medalist, European and World competitor. He has developed National champions for Canada, Finland, Singapore and Hong Kong, International medalists, Junior World competitors and has coached at the 12th Chinese National Winter Games. At the 2015 World Championships in Figure Skating, Bruno coached Ronald Lam to a top 14 Placement, and a top 9 technical score in the World. He has had skaters land all jumps up to a quad/triple in competition.
He has been named BC/YT Section Competitive Coach of the Year in 1999, 2001 and 2006 and is a contributor on the Long-Term Athlete Development Plan Committee for Skate Canada National Office. He is the Master CanPower Skate Course Conductor for BC and was a contributor to the new program. Bruno is NCCP Level IV certified. In his spare time, Bruno likes to study economics and business structures.
In Hockey, he has trained players who have played in the N.H.L., the W.H.L., B.C.H.L., as well as players who have been awarded University Scholarships. He has worked for many different Minor Hockey Associations who have used his skating programs for their players’ development.

Zdenek Pazdirek
Senior Coach

Skating since he was three years old, Zdenek, a hardworking, optimistic skating coach of more than 30 years, likes the challenge of working with skaters to help them achieve their personal best. He feels parent involvement is key to ensuring a high caliber of skating and to keep children motivated to succeed. Zdenek, a former lawyer, is a previous two-time Czechoslovakian Senior Men's Champion, Olympic and World competitor and was the principal skater in the European ice show, “Holiday on Ice”. He has completed his Gold Figures and Gold Free skate tests in Canada and has developed Regional, Provincial and National and International medalists. Zdenek is NCCP Level III certified plus has coaching certification from the Czech Republic. Zdenek has conducted many seminars for skaters and coaches. He is a coach of a present member of the Senior Canadian team. In his spare time you will find Zdenek enjoying the outdoors on walks with his dog, working on home projects and when time permits, he likes vacationing in his favourite place, Maui Hawaii.

Christine Reeves-Beleznay
Integrated Physical Performance Manager

More than 20 years competing and performing around the world in both singles and pair skating, featured on CBC’s “Battle of the Blades”, “Blame it on the Blues” with Brian Orser and the movie “Blades of Glory”. Christine brings her expertise, dedication and drive to everything she does.

Christine’s many years as an elite level figure skater combined with her multiple certifications in Sport Conditioning, Pilates and Injury prevention with a deep understanding of body movement specific to figure skating has allowed Christine to develop and design an uniquely cohesive, intelligent and balanced Off Ice conditioning program in alignment with the Long Term Athlete Development program of Skate Canada.

Dedicated to providing innovative, cutting edge of fitness for figure skaters.

Creative Director
Liz Putnam

Learn to Skate Director / STARSkate Director
Deneen Sokoloski

Associate Coaches
Angelique Bergheim
Lyndsay Burrows
Erin Chen
Mike Craigmyle
Syndy Shi
Kelsey Williams


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Erin Chapple
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Past President
Gordon Kan